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Lebanon Road one-way imposition

Continuing knock-on effects - Update July  2019


First of all – we must relay to residents that both Councillor Stuart King (Chair of the Traffic Management Advisory Committee) and Steve Iles (Director of Public Realm) have stated very clearly that no changes will be made to the current road set up without broad consensus from residents in the area. This is because the Council does not have the money or time, which is money, to do work on something that is rejected either before or after it is implemented.


Lebanon Road was made no-entry from Addiscombe Road and one-way southbound in early 2016. This resulted in a lot of extra cars cutting down Addiscombe Court Road and extra cars cutting down Canning Road adding to the number of cars we already received. In addition it created a traffic hazard at Lebanon Road tram stop with some drivers overtaking stationary trams when it was not safe to do so. As a result of this – especially because of the safety issue – the Council made both Addiscombe Court and Canning Roads no entry from Addiscombe Road. This led to some of the northbound traffic displacing to Elgin Road adding to the number of cars they already received.


As we informed residents in our October 2018 newsletter, in January this year the two Addiscombe East Councillors – we are in Addiscombe West – organised an open meeting and presented everyone with an Agenda for it. The Addiscombe East Councillors then arranged a further meeting in March for one representative per road in the area and presented everyone with an Agenda. By this stage it was clear that

some residents in Addiscombe East were pushing for Canning Road to be re-opened to northbound traffic. As the only northbound route this side of the traffic lights, it would have resulted in around 4,000 cars a day if two-way and 3,240 cars a day if northbound only; these figures are based on Council stats from 2017. As ever when time is short, we consulted our Quick Contact Group about what they would like to see. The responses confirmed what people had been telling us informally. The vast majority of residents want to keep Canning Road as no entry from Addiscombe Road and for this to be enforced. A few residents would prefer Canning Road to be reopened for convenience of access to either Canning or Clyde Road.


We represented residents’ views at the March meeting. At this meeting various opinions were put forward but there was no consensus on what measures were acceptable. The list was sent to the Council. A further meeting was arranged by the Council this time with two reps from each residents’ group in June to consider the opinions put forward at the March meeting. Of these the Council decided the least divisive appeared to be the idea – not ours – that the four roads (Lebanon, Addiscombe Court, Canning and Clyde) remain no entry from Addiscombe Road and be southbound; and that the four roads (Elgin, Havelock, Outram and Ashburton) be northbound only.


This idea would obviously have potential implications for Clyde Road.


As we have relayed – the Council will do nothing unless there is broad consensus. Mike Barton (Highway Improvement Manager) will find time in his schedule to consider this idea sometime in the autumn. Depending on his report, the Council may then send it out for informal consultation. If this happens, we will consult  residents. If there is time to put out a newsletter, we’ll do it that way; otherwise it will be through our Quick Contact Group. Depending on the result of the informal consultation, the Council may (or may not) send it out for statutory consultation.