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Lebanon Road one-way imposition

Mitigation started from 10 January 2018


The Council in 2015 decided to make Lebanon Road one-way southbound. Although there was a long-standing problem with Lebanon Road, and something needed to be done, it was made very clear that views of residents in roads most affected (Addiscombe Court, Tunstall and Canning Roads) would not be taken into account. The Lebanon Road one-way imposition started in January 2016, greatly increasing the traffic in Addiscombe Court Road and to a lesser extent in Canning. It created a new traffic hazard at Lebanon Road tram stop, with drivers overtaking stationary trams without a clear view.


The Council’s proposal to mitigate this was to make both Addiscombe Court and Canning Roads no entry from Addiscombe Road. Despite calls to do so, they did not seriously considered any other options.


On 11 October the Transport Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) voted unanimously to make both Addiscombe Court and Canning Roads no entry northbound from Addiscombe Road.


Gordon put forward the overall view of residents in our two roads that reflected responses to our own questionnaire delivered through every letter box in October 2016. He said that opinion was divided. The Committee understood this well, both at the July 2017 and October 2017meeting, the Chairman repeating it on both occasions.







The decision to close both roads - made on safety grounds because of cars overtaking stationary trams without a clear view and some taking risks when they could see oncoming traffic - will have an impact on all car drivers no longer able to turn northwards via Addiscombe Court or Canning Roads. Although the traffic that used to turn left out of Leslie Park and Canning Roads to go up Morland Road has probably found other routes, a significant amount of traffic has now been displaced onto Elgin Road. For as long as the Lebanon Road one-way imposition continues to affect disproportionately one or two roads, it will remain the Lebanon Road one-way imposition issue.


TMAC was likely to make Addiscombe Court no entry because of the safety hazard to pedestrians at the tram stop. Canning Road was less clear. With the Council not giving serious consideration to any other options—whatever they chose, someone in our two roads would experience a negative impact. Either some drivers in both of our roads would be inconvenienced by having to go a longer way round meaning increased time and petrol used on journeys, or Canning Road residents would have to live with up to 4,000 motor-vehicles a day; it would have remained both two-way and also become the only road between Colson and Canning taking all the northbound traffic.


Here is the response we submitted to TMAC meeting 31.7.17