Canning & Clyde



There are a lot of information and ideas out there of how to keep up our spirits during self isolation and social distancing. Here are just one or two.


Stay connected


By phone or online. Clap or bang a pot with neighbours for the NHS every Thursday evening. Smile at people 2 metres away when going out to shop or for exercise. Wave from your window; wave up at someone in a window – in these unusual times people are less likely to think you’re weird for doing this!


Stay in control of the news or rumour you see or hear


Set your own limits for how much news or rumour you take in each day.


Check what you see or hear using reputable sources. Just because someone sounds certain, it doesn’t mean they are passing on accurate information.


Seek out positive stories eg


Practical tips for everyone




Many thanks to A (Clyde Road neighbour) for this week’s video clip that went to our Quick Contact Group. Do please email any pictures or videos you think might make people smile to [email protected] If you would like to get weekly updates during the current Coronavirus situation, please email Anne.